Who We Are

My name is Gugu and I am co-founder of logosophical.com together with my cousin Lungile (Lulu). I was born in Swaziland, spent my formative years (a decade to be precise) in Harare, Zimbabwe and am presently a proud South African citizen and resident. This set of circumstances means that besides English, I am also fluent in SiSwati, sufficiently proficient in ChiShona, and by virtue of my mother-tongue proficiency in SiSwati, also fluent in IsiZulu. Because I live in Pretoria, I am also not-too-bad in Sepedi. Whew…

I am born again and Spirit-filled through Christ. My heart is constantly being healed and worked on by the Father’s love. To this end, I have had and continue to have a real and personal experience of its power, depth, width and height, and am simply blown away to think that what I have experienced is just the tip of the iceberg! (Ephesians 3: 17-19 AMP). This love, this relationship, this grace, is what keeps me going through the rollercoaster that is life. True story. God has kept me even when I didn’t want to be kept. I’m no perfect or role model Christian – just striving to grow into all that He has called me to be, a day at a time.

I am interested in all manner of things, the individual pull of which wax and wane as I go through life. I have learnt to see, define and accept myself as I am, in the now.

My social motto is that the personal is political and I see and make sense of the world through the lens of my lived experiences. I am a staunch proponent of the black person’s quest for self-definition and emancipation. I will perhaps rub some up the wrong way for my obstinate “radicalism” in this regard, but that is how the cookie crumbles in these matters.

I identify as a feminist. I believe in the freedom of choice for all able-minded, adult persons, and feminism is to me, a tool through which this can be achieved. Feminism also affirms my belief in the sheer brilliance and magic of women; their value and importance in society, and their equality with men.

The love of my life is the sweetest child I know and he calls me mommy. He has been my singular biggest and most refining lesson. The gift that keeps giving. Because of him, I am constantly learning to be more patient & kinder.

Last time I did something like this – that is, write about myself – I was probably writing a bio for my Instagram page, and that was almost four years ago. So forgive me if I start rambling on about my childhood pet and favourite color, (that’s Toto & purple respectively, in case anyone was wondering).

Understandably you’re probably not wondering any of that, so let me just introduce myself. I’m Lungile, pronounced Loo Ngee Leh, and it’s a pleasure to have you here on Logosophical. Im a co-founder here with my cousin Gugu. We both love to write, tell stories and share an opinion or two about the world’s happenings.

Naturally, A + B = C, so here we are, being bloggers and writing ‘about me’ pages. I love to write, did I mention that? I’m no Chimamanda, but I’m just a girl (read: 29, almost 30 year old woman) trying to put sentences together that somewhat make sense, and that you can somewhat, maybe relate to.

Growing up, i.e, trying to survive between the ages of 0-13 – in a time with no internet (okay, yes, there was dial up at some point, but I mean real internet…the open your phone and call an Uber type internet) there wasn’t much to do besides read. And that’s where this all started – wanting to tell the kind of stories I read.

I can’t say much has changed since then; I still want to tell the kind of stories I read, but with the added hope of telling my own (personal) stories. With today’s internet, I can try that out. They don’t have to be books about big friendly giants, they can be short stories about love, travel and life. They can be lengthy essays about religion, race and feminism.

Living in this age, I love how that’s all possible. Not only can we tell our own stories, we can share them, learn from others’ experiences and tell more stories. So that’s me; a 29, almost 30 year old woman, whose favourite colour is purple, who loves to write and tell stories and had a childhood pet named Toto! But I feel like this bio would be incomplete if I don’t mention my love for He who makes all things possible (no, not my husband, although there’s a lot of love there for him) but God.

Everything I was, am and will be, is all thanks to Him. He’s my favourite and I am His. (Sorry about that).

……(but you can call me Lulu)