#PODCAST: Journeying Through Forgiveness

Lulu / 25 Sep, 2019

We’re back with another podcast episode!

We know these were quite popular last time, and we appreciate you guys for your feedback, support and encouragement of them, which is why we decided to bring them back and more of them this time. So, you can catch us on the airwaves (look at me trying to make us sound fancy) once a month from now on. YAY!

To begin, we thought we’d look at one of the most challenging but also raw posts written on the blog this year. A blog written by Gugu on forgiveness/unforgiveness. If you’d like a bit of a recap before diving into the podcast, you can find her first instalment here and second one here.

I say challenging because those of us who have have found ourselves in a place of deep hurt needing to forgive know just how difficult that is, and for so many reasons. Of course being Christians this is something that we must absolutely do and strive to do, because we wouldn’t be where we are or who we are without Gods forgiveness of our own sins, and not only that but He actually calls us to do it. And this is why I call it a journey. As much as God requires it of us, I don’t think He is blind to how difficult it is, but I think it starts with the acknowledgment of our pain, and then the choice to forgive that hurt and then letting God deal with whatever that comes with, and often (if you read Gugu’s posts you’ll see) it’s not pretty. But, it really just begins with a choice, and a choice that in some cases, you have to make every day until you feel free.

But we talk about all this and more in the podcast episode, so without further delay here it is:

We hope you enjoy, and as usual, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic, so please leave a comment down below and let’s continue the conversation there!


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