Lulu / 23 Oct, 2019

We’re back with another podcast episode this week. I’m excited for this one, but not because the topic of conversation is a particularly fun one, because as you can tell from the title, it’s in fact pretty heavy, but I’m excited because the format this week is a little different. As we mentioned before, some of the podcasts will be brought to you as usual by both Gugu and I sharing on our previous posts, or specific topics of interest to us, but doing so in conversation with other female minds and voices with much to impart. This one is one such podcast. It’s brought to you by Gugu and her lovely friend Fungai Blake.

And as mentioned, the topic of discussion this week is grief, which lets face it, is never an easy thing to discuss let alone go through, but after having experienced a painful loss recently, we are so thankful that Fungai has bravely shared the emotions and stages she has gone through (and is still going through) in dealing with that loss. Click the inteface below to listen to the full, honest, raw, conversation that she and Gugu had and please feel free to leave any comment down below if you have or are dealing with a similar thing, because #sisonke.

I myself recently had to relive a painful moment of loss in my life as the anniversary of my sister’s death rolled around just last week, and so listening to the conversation Gugu and Fungai had was definitely comforting because it reminded me that even if something happened yesterday or four years ago (which is the case with my sister) we can never really control the pain or the emotions behind the grief and it’s just something that only with the help of God we have to go through. It also showed me a lot about who God is in the process with us.

But have a listen for yourself and let us know what thoughts, feelings and revelations the conversation sparks…

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