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Starting a blog. Wow. The technical aspects of it definitely present a steep learning curve if you do not have any basic website building or coding skills. If you go the route of buying/registering a domain, it is DEFINITELY a steep learning curve. I had to familiarise myself with acquiring and activating SSL certification, double-check that the URL to this site was pointing to the correct domain servers AND set up a branded email and configure it to ACTUALLY deliver mail (because even though I THOUGHT I’d set it up all right initially, a series of test emails were just not coming through thus proving otherwise)! If any of you have had to figure out or work on cPanel, you’ll know it’s intimidating to say the least, especially when you’re as green as I am. Thankfully, we chose (purely by God’s grace) what I think is the best web hosting provider there is. They have live 24/7 chat support and they are very responsive even via email when you need help with things (and we needed A LOT of help in the 2 weeks it took to set up the site) and they have a really expansive knowledge base that covers almost any issue that could arise relating to the nitty gritty technicalities of operating a website.

I have to give a BIIIIIG shout-out to the internet, specifically the web! Man. It truly is the greatest invention of the last 20 odd years. There is so, so much information out there. You can reads heaps of articles and watch tons of videos on how to hack ANY website building or related issue you may have. I am probably stating the obvious here because I know we all know that the web hosts a lot of information. I do it to highlight the fact that we could all play a role in information and knowledge sharing through the wawawa and do our part in being value-adding users. Tangentially, I can’t tell you how many times reviews by complete strangers (to me) of a myriad things has played a pivotal role in me deciding to go somewhere or do something and I am sure it’s been the same for you too. So if you know something that’s of some kind of value (they say everybody is an expert in at least one thing), what are you waiting for? Share!

So, no. This post isn’t actually about sharing with you just how hard it is to set up a website (because hey presto, here we are. If I could figure it out, it is definitely not THAT hard. Just stock up on lots of determination and a never say die attitude and you should be fine, LOL) nor is it meant to extol the virtues of the internet. It is actually meant to give some insight into the inspiration behind the inception of logosophical.

Quite simply, it was time.

Logosophical is also me listening to the voices of those who have for years, urged me to write more formally. It is also me listening to the Spirit’s urgings. So here we are.

I have always been drawn to writing. As a teen, I wrote files (and I do mean files) of poetry; I always enjoyed my university assignments as a Humanities student because I could expand and expound to my heart’s content and I guess the lecturers loved it too because I always got great marks and positive and glowing feedback attached to the papers. I also write music. I wrote the majority of my album, Pearls to Pigs, single-handedly. I write for a living. Actually, I ‘analyse’ for a living but it’s got to get from mind to mind through written form, and so I do a lot of writing as a key aspect of my job. Anyone that does a lot of writing as part of their profession knows that there is a lot of thinking that precedes writing; because you can’t just write any old thing and expect it to pass as good. Cogency and incisiveness are key. And in order to successfully relay key messages in writing, your thinking powers must be relatively developed. By that I mean you must be willing and able to think non-linearly; to submerge deep into thinking about a thing or concept and follow each branch of the thing to its “logical” conclusion and then resurface and pull it all together and present as deep or as varied (or both) a picture as possible. You know, the whole “good writing is good thinking” thing.

I know also that another aspect of writing is talent-based. Some people just have a way with words. Additionally, some people really have engaging and riveting voices. I could not write like my favourite writer even if I wanted to. I have a unique voice and this blog is for me, a place where I can express my God-given voice on any subject of my liking.

So yes, I also do like to think. I love to think and have often thought myself into mini-depressions of sorts, much to the chagrin of my closest friends. This is often when I have not found a satisfactory conclusion to whatever it is that may be occupying my mind. I very much live in my mind and I love to have “deep” conversations (permission to roll your eyes at this juncture) with my friends. It helps to get me out of my own mind and to gain a different perspective on issues from the minds of women I hold in high esteem. Logosophical is just an extension of this. I am hungry to hear other women’s perspectives on issues by starting conversations on things that intrigue, interest or perplex me.

I was grateful that the season was right for me to partner with someone who shares a similar vision around all these things: the writing and the general means of content presentation on blogs. My cousin Lungile (Lulu) and I share an interest in the written word and in expressing ourselves in this manner. In terms of the visual, we both like a minimalist yet pretty vibe that allows a reader to focus more on the content presented therein than anything else. We also have a shared vision in terms of the thrust and intent of the blog, a neat summary of which you can find in the About section. I am a firm believer in ‘two are better than one’ and it’s just nice to know that when you can’t do or figure something out, someone else perhaps can. And I’m grateful to have that someone be family!

In thinking about the name for the blog, Lulu and I had toyed with one or two configurations that included the word “she” but in the end, for various reasons, it seemed that the name that outlasted the others was logosphical. The initial bright spark I had was the word logos, which is a Greek word meaning “word”. An expanded definition includes other words such as “speech”, “discourse”, “opinion” and “reason”, among others. The same Wikipedia definition also says “Logos is the logic behind an argument.” This fit in perfectly with the vision we had for the blog and I also liked that it is a term used in philosophy, an academic field that is concerned with thinking and self-reflexivity! Now, all we had to do was find another word to buttress it with. We were going to go with sophism, but our research revealed that the modern day meaning of the word represented the antithesis of what we are attempting to do with this blog! I won’t lie, I was totally bummed out but the search for a resonant suffix had to continue as I was determined not to drop logos. We eventually settled on -sophical as the suffix, borrowing it from the word philosophical. –sophical is the adjective form of the combining form –sophy, which denotes the intellectual or knowledge system of a particular field of study, i.e. “the science of”. It is derived from the Greek word sophia, which means wisdom.

Now we don’t claim to be philosophers or even vaguely philosophical or wise. We are just interested in thinking and in thinking about why we think how and what we think. We are interested in sharing lived experiences through writing and in a contemplative manner, laying bare the thoughts and thought processes behind those. We also want to pose questions that we or others may have for the purposes of learning, sharing and expanding the collective consciousness.

So now you know how this blog came about: the actual technical aspects of putting it together (LOL), the inspiration behind it and the thinking behind the name. All that’s left to do is extend to you a hearty welcome! So welcome to logosophical! I hope you enjoy it here. And while you’re here, do subscribe (form at footer of website) to stay in the loop. We publish one new post a week. 

I’m excited for what lies in store 🙂

You can also find me at twitter.com/honeybmissg.


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