Welcome to logosophical.com! We’re pleased you’ve landed here. We seek to explore, examine and discuss various life topics through the art of long-form writing. Life is multi-faceted; some facets of it are serious and others not so much. So you will find some posts of an experiential nature, others light-hearted and (hopefully) humorous, others observational, others seeking, questioning and probing and others tackling difficult or sensitive but nonetheless important issues. Our approach is to apply our minds to a variety of subjects that pique our interest and write on those from an individual perspective. So we don’t claim to be authorities on any of the subjects we cover; just extremely curious women with a penchant for expressing our thoughts and opinions, this time in a blog format 🙂

Our niche characteristic is that we seek to position this platform as one that particularly provides a female perspective on the issues we explore. We believe greatly in female thought; its veracity and validity and are honoured to be able to carve out a place that acts as a repository for organised female discursive discourse. In so doing, we will also seek and include guest writers whose perspective on issues has caught our attention in order to keep the website content as engaging, interesting and enriching as possible.

We’re hoping the subjects explored will lead to discussions through you sharing YOUR perspectives on these. Thus we welcome considered, vigorous yet respectful debate. We believe in dialogue and we live in an era wherein global cross-communication is easier than ever. Therefore, there is one less reason to keep us unaware of the diversity and multiplicity of opinions, experiences and perspectives on any number of issues that we may be confronted with in life as women and people.

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