Lulu / 17 Jun, 2020

*dusts off cobwebs* is this thing on?

Hi guys, so I know it’s literally been 105 days since we were last on here, and just writing the number 105 makes me even feel shy.. like I can’t believe it’s been that long, yikes! But I guess with the never ending plot twists that 2020 keeps giving us, the hiatus (though abrupt, sorry about that) was bound to happen, because (I’ll speak for myself) for a while there, I was unable to can. The only thing that made sense was sleep, and so sleeping I did!

But I guess if I’m being honest, though incredibly inconvenient, the lockdown was so necessary for me in more ways than one, and here I can speak for Gugu too because honestly, sometimes all we need is things to slow down for us to put things into perspective, and what’s funny is that I blogged about this in my last post, the main questions being how do we allow God to take control? And the answer was by pausing. waiting. listening. slowing down. And oh my goodness, I don’t want to call myself a prophetess or anything but (toot toot), can anyone agree to doing just that (even though to a certain extent it’s been with no other choice but to) during lockdown?

In that same post I also said:

We have pushed that invisible speed x2 button on ourselves, making it that we are no longer present in any moment, always two steps ahead of ourselves, always thinking about tomorrow and the day after that and the month after that, and the year after that; but never today, or now. Always tomorrow.

And reading that back I’m like wow, how many people can say that is where they actually found themselves before lockdown? Honestly… I did, and I said as much in that post too. I also said

And I get it, life doesn’t afford us the time to be still anymore, there is always something that needs getting done; there is always a task that needs to be accomplished and there is always that feeling that you need to constantly move ahead in order to grow and not be left behind. But I guess my point is, with our lives on speed x2, we only end up trying to do everything and be everywhere all at the same time.  

And I guess maybe the point I didn’t even really understand at the time was, we were everywhere, but not really where we were meant to be. Enter lockdown I guess. And so naturally when Gugu and I thought to catch up, lockdown chronicles were the only thing we could really discuss, and we did so in a vlog for the blog! YAY! So we hope you enjoy our very first vlog where we discuss what lockdown has been like for us inn our respective countries, as well as how it’s been for us mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. Please do share with us what your #lockdownexperience has been like too, because yeah.. as Zimbabweans like to say…. Ma1.



  1. Hey beautiful girls! Great to see you and get into your very interesting discussion on the lockdowns and outcomes thereof… super stuff! Helped me get into some deliberate analysis of my own experience, views and where i go from here with regards to the most important stuff – inner growth.
    Sadly though, I couldn’t get the whole discussion….my screen went into its own lockdown for some reason and defied all attempts to resume… anyhow, i aim to keep at it, and hopefully get the full discussion eventually.

    Thank you! So glad you are back!!

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