Lulu / 29 Jan, 2020

How would you answer that question? Yes? No? Maybe?….. If? Only? But?

Without giving away any spoilers, (our thoughts are expressed in the podcast) because trust me I could go on, what I will say is that I suppose there are many ways to answer that question, and one could say many determining factors in answering it too. I definitely think there can be a case to be made for either answer, because love in and of itself is such a big word, big concept, big feeling… and I don’t know if such a question can have a straight forward black and white answer. And as we seek to each answer that question for ourselves, Gugu and I look at other follow up questions like… well, what is love? Is it feeling, or is it logic, or both? How do we love? With our emotions, with our actions or with our heads? Who do we love? The person God destined for us, or anybody that loves us just because? And while Gugu and I definitely have similar but varying views on the topic (as you will hear from the episode) one thing we can definitely agree on, and one thing that drives the majority of the conversation is 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8. We have already been given the standard of what love is or should be… and so with this, we dive into the question… is love enough?

Please have a listen and share your thoughts with us…


1 thought on “#PODCAST: IS LOVE ENOUGH?

  1. Thanks guys… loved this podcast, such a helpful discussion – it challenges some old set ideas…

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