Lulu / 5 Feb, 2020

…and we’re back!

This week, in pt 2 of the podcast we continue our conversation about love and whether that in itself, is enough.. we look at how we define it and have defined it in the past and where we may (if at any point) have gone wrong in those definitions. We also look at what role society or “peer pressure” has played in us choosing to be in love, and what pressures we also knowingly or unknowingly put on ourselves, especially when we think we’ve done everything right, and yet for some reason our ideal love hasn’t happened or isn’t happening. Gugu shares some tough truths here.

Again, I won’t go into too much detail here in the post, but ultimately what it is, is we just speak about love — paying close and particular attention to the fact that it’s not easy. As hard as that is to sometimes come to terms with, the truth is, it’s not, but sometimes the battle for love is the very thing God uses to grow and mature us and also to develop a deeper and more closer to the truth version of love in us. Sometimes, your blessing is in the fire. But a huge disclaimer: while we truly believe there is always a blessing after a trial, and indeed your blessing can be in the fire, because surely we don’t suffer for nothing, (Romans 5), this does not mean one must stay in dead situations, or put up with situations or people that do not serve you or bring out the God in you; this is not what we are saying love is, that you must be a rag doll for someone else, only that as far as 1 Corinthians 13 4- 8 goes, there is a reason you must be patient, there is a reason you must not be proud, there is a reason you must not be easily angered, or keep record of wrongs — because love is hard and sometimes that will be a fire, but love never fails, and when perfection (love as it is defined by God) comes, the imperfect disappears.

Okay enough spoilers. This way to the podcast!

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