A Letter To My Younger Self

Lulu / 6 Jun, 2018

Hi you, It’s me, and I am you. Weird, I know. You probably don’t recognise me with all this weight I’ve put on, but I really am you, and sigh, we are working on that other bit. About that though, maybe stop eating a lot of fries? Okay that’s bad advice. I’m clearly starting this off really bad. I take that back, don’t do that – eat fries baby, EAT. FRIES. Because confession: as I write this I’m sipping on some hot water and lemon and planning an all vegetable dinner because I’m “trying” to diet. Yeah, we do that…

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When Is It Okay To Give Up?

Lulu / 23 May, 2018

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day in which she was telling me about something she is (I hope was now) struggling with. As she finished and waited at the other end of the line for me to give some real deep solid advice (you know the “just hold on, you’re so much stronger than you think, you’re not alone and this too shall pass” kind of advice), I suddenly felt I had two choices. 1) to just go with that, tell her what she needed to hear, I mean all of it is so true.…

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The ‘Angry Black Woman’ Needs To End

Lulu / 9 May, 2018

I recently watched Tyler Perry’s Acrimony and I won’t go into too many details because I’m not one for spoilers and I firmly believe everyone just needs to see this movie for themselves because guys…it’s A LOT. Whoever has seen it I’m sure can co-sign. I mean I knew going in (simply from the trailer) that it was going to get a little crazy. Also, I knew this because it’s Tyler Perry. If it’s not a this-is-to-make-you-laugh kinda film, it’s a this-will-likely-stress-you-out kinda film, and it sure stressed me out. Mostly because I’ve never felt so many things all at…

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Messy Kind of Beautiful

Lulu / 25 Apr, 2018

When I was thinking about how to start our journey here together a few possibilities came to mind – but none felt quite right. I didn’t really want to begin writing about who I am and why I am here, because you can see a bit about that on the Who We Are page, (also, I didn’t want to bore you your first day here). I also know that my lovely cousin, Gugu, wrote a beautiful introduction to this blog, the inspiration behind it, how we came about and where we seek to go – read it here, – and so…

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