The ‘Angry Black Woman’ Needs To End

Lulu / 9 May, 2018

I recently watched Tyler Perry’s Acrimony and I won’t go into too many details because I’m not one for spoilers and I firmly believe everyone just needs to see this movie for themselves because guys…it’s A LOT. Whoever has seen it I’m sure can co-sign. I mean I knew going in (simply from the trailer) that it was going to get a little crazy. Also, I knew this because it’s Tyler Perry. If it’s not a this-is-to-make-you-laugh kinda film, it’s a this-will-likely-stress-you-out kinda film, and it sure stressed me out. Mostly because I’ve never felt so many things all at…

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Messy Kind of Beautiful

Lulu / 25 Apr, 2018

When I was thinking about how to start our journey here together a few possibilities came to mind – but none felt quite right. I didn’t really want to begin writing about who I am and why I am here, because you can see a bit about that on the Who We Are page, (also, I didn’t want to bore you your first day here). I also know that my lovely cousin, Gugu, wrote a beautiful introduction to this blog, the inspiration behind it, how we came about and where we seek to go – read it here, – and so…

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