How Do We Define and Articulate Gender and Roles in the 21st Century?

Gugu / 16 May, 2018

I make it a point to create my best culinary items for my son. One, because I know he loves food and secondly because his appreciation of my efforts makes me happy. Very happy. Recently, I cooked a dish whose recipe I’d recently discovered and had intended to make soon enough. I think I’m pretty mean in the kitchen but I can also easily admit that I’m probably as lazy as they get in that department. Pretty paradoxical, right? Honestly, during the December/festive period downtime, which is when this incident occurred, my laziness trumps most other life activities & I’m…

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Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

Gugu / 2 May, 2018

People stay in places for all the wrong reasons. People settle. People rationalise their fear-fuelled decisions by factoring in things like earnings and comfortability (familiar places, faces spaces and routines). Money can weigh you down. The fear of unemployment or not enough money can lead people to forsake their dreams and even numb their ability to dream. Needing to maintain an already “established” lifestyle can make you debilitatingly cautious. Our fears can make those who take incredible and awe-inspiring risks to see their dreams come true seem un-human or “special”, as though they were endowed with some special ability by…

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Gugu / 25 Apr, 2018

Starting a blog. Wow. The technical aspects of it definitely present a steep learning curve if you do not have any basic website building or coding skills. If you go the route of buying/registering a domain, it is DEFINITELY a steep learning curve. I had to familiarise myself with acquiring and activating SSL certification, double-check that the URL to this site was pointing to the correct domain servers AND set up a branded email and configure it to ACTUALLY deliver mail (because even though I THOUGHT I’d set it up all right initially, a series of test emails were just…

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