Gugu / 28 September, 2023

As the walls came down, I sensed that God didn’t want to continue without His creation because He loved them – deeply, boundlessly and inexplicably. And no matter which way He would have created them, He would have always given them choices, because love is and involves choice, and they would have likely always fallen short, even in the absence of Satan. And so, we would have always needed saving. And Jesus was the answer, but to God, we were ALWAYS worth saving. Each and every single time that we messed up, right from the Garden. My healing experience said…

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Gugu / 19 September, 2023

I have heard so, so many times (much to my dismay then), the need for a childlike posture towards God, being in fact humbly penitent, and unquestioning of His doings. All true too. Yes, we should approach the Lord in this manner. Especially in light of the revelation of His exceeding splendor and excellence. But how can you if you just…”can’t”?


Gugu / 19 November, 2021

The fracturing of a female friendship is perhaps one of the more painful events that one can go through. As Lulu and I explored this aspect/occurrence in friendships, I was quite struck by how nebulous the answer for WHY fractured females friendships are so painful is. Why does it suck so much when there is conflict in your friendships? I will not posit an answer here, and I think the answer is perhaps multiple reasons, but I will invite you to ponder upon it and please share your thought with us in the comments. I think a large chunk of…

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Gugu / 12 November, 2021

What Makes a Good Friend? I posed this question to Lulu as a foundational aspect of our conversation on friendship, the next frontier in our series exploring relationships, LOL! We both agreed that a good friend is honest and reliable (see Prov. 18:24 and Prov. 27:9)…that is, they will love you in truth even when/if that truth is a bittersweet one. They will tell you difficult truths and stand up for you when you shortchange or endanger yourself. Ultimately, it is your life, and a good friend can only go so far in being that, but he/she will always lead…

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Gugu / 20 October, 2021

I want to start this week’s instalment by providing a recap of the pre-marital nuggets of wisdom that I took away from Part I of my conversation with Rita. Pressure: we may receive pressure from family, friends or society. This is almost ALWAYS a recipe for making a rushed, unwise decision in choosing a partner. Sometimes, even though they mean well, even parents can get it wrong. Lack of peace within yourself: any reason that makes your heart unsettled is a prodding of the Holy Spirit to pause, stop & reassess. You may not be able to fully articulate why…

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Gugu / 13 October, 2021

Hey Logosophical Fam! It’s your girl miss g and I am here to present to you our latest podcast series, loosely titled ‘Relationships’. It’s borne out of a conviction I had in 2020 that I just well…took forever to act upon. Y’all, the pandemic was doing its thing and ensuring one’s mental and emotional health sometimes meant doing the least. So please have mercy, LOL. The idea that was placed in my mind and spirit centred around examining the male-female relationship from a biblical, born again and Holy Spirit informed perspective. I am glad to say that in 2021, there…

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Gugu / 30 November, 2020

So, the year 2020 continues in its oddness and general sense of bizarreness. It’s a really weird one because some things have definitely moved, morphed and materialised on both a personal and universal level; yet, it seems (or feels) like other things haven’t moved. Or have they? LOL. I don’t know! And this is the ‘oddness’ I am referring to…it’s like, the world was shaken (global pandemic), came to a standstill (worldwide lockdowns and near-complete halt of all economic activity), then experienced notable political and social upheaval (the US Elections, racial justice movements) and natural and man-made disasters, all of…

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Gugu / 22 July, 2020

Love like you’ve never been hurt! Ha! This is one of those statements that sounds so super annoying and denialist. Like, if you’ve ever been hurt, you’ll agree that the immediate and visceral reaction to this statement is the deepest kind of eye roll you can execute. Like, please. Eye roll, eye roll, eye roll…then add a cutting side eye. What witchcraft is this? Why is my pain and my experience being minimized? Momma didn’t raise no fool. I get hurt, I become a lesser/meaner/worser version of myself. I stop giving people the benefit of the doubt, I shut down…

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Gugu / 19 February, 2020

LOGOSOPHICAL family!!! I am back! Yes! And it feels good. It is a blessing for me to write for this blog. As I have mentioned before, it is a part of my soul work. It causes me to deeply introspect and provides a platform for reflection about the days of my life, haha. My last blog was a reflection of the year – the key takeaway of 2019. And in that piece, I spoke about how God had started to make me understand that where I was, was not because He had forgotten me or that I was unloved, off-course…

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Gugu / 19 December, 2019

To say that 2019 has been A LOT would be an understatement. LOL. As I type this, I am quite aware of the ‘irony’ (for lack of a better word) that’s contained in this statement. Why do I say this? Well, it’s because I believe that this was my exact sentiment about 2018 at round about this time of the year then. Really, it was A LOT. If I recall, I was emotionally drained and defeated; I was feeling very, very stuck and uninspired, and just not sure what the big next/next big for my life should look like. Despite…

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